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Capture Kindness

Being Kind today                                                 

And photo away

Be kind

And not blind

to others

Brothers sister, fathers, mothers

Show everyone kindness

Whether you want to or not

They would be glad, whether you thought

That you were making a difference (which you are)

Be the person that will go that far

To show others appreciation and love

Who will put themselves, behind, not above

Be the person who will spread kindness

Show the world you love, not your blindness

by Maya



Dedicated to: Kathleen Mangum


It hung under the eaves

Beautiful like all of the leaves

There were all sorts of shapes and colors

Like the one she made with me and my brother

One shaped like a sunflower, one plain and wooden

With one side that opened

To clean out the nest

Of the birds who had just left

I remember the fresh wood smell

And the neighbor's house as well

Even though she isn’t here

The birdhouses remind us that she is near

Grandma, thank you

For all that you do

You bring us joy and comfort too

We will never forget you


By: Nadia S., and Maya M.



© 2019 Kim Ridder